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approbatory adj : expressing or manifesting praise or approval; "approbative criticism" [syn: approving, approbative, plausive]

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  1. Tending to approve or confirm

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distinguish Approbation Approbativeness is a faculty from the discipline of Phrenology.


Approbativeness is closely related to Self-esteem, but is clearly different: where Self-esteem stands for pride, Approbativeness stands for vanity. It relates to the way a subject will hanker for success and approbation from others. Thus: vanity, quest for approval and acclamations. Strongly developed, especially with a strong Self-esteem, Approbativeness stands for an inordinate desire for honour and approval, for applause and adulation, where the subject will always strive to be in the centre of attention, with too great a sensitivity to blame or praise.


At both sides of Self-esteem.
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